We want you to be safe: Introducing Verification Checks for Users

At Raba Rides, we understand the concerns that naturally occur when it comes to partaking in something new, especially in a sensitive area as transportation. Often, we get questions like:

How sure am I that I am safe with Raba Rides?
How do I know I can trust a driver?
How do I know passengers won't gang up on me?
What do I do if I am in an accident with a driver or passenger?

Safety is one of our most basic needs as people in a shared community. Beyond offering affordable and convenient transport solutions to you, Raba Rides is bent on guaranteeing and assuring you of your safety while doing so.

Why Is there a Verification Check Program?

So far, to lend ourselves toward ensuring your safety, we encourage all our users to link their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to their Raba Rides accounts, to give you the chance to check on a person's social background and decide if you are comfortable with them, before joining them for a ride. However since safety is not a phenomenon that can be completely exhausted, we are introducing into our Trust & Safety Initiative, our background and verification checks program to put in even more measures to make sure that you're safe while you enjoy the benefits that our services bring.

What Does the Verification Entail?

Starting from February 2019, Raba Rides will be requesting for and verifying details provided by our users. The scope of our checks and verification is:

For Drivers and Vehicle Owners
Drivers license
Vehicle insurance
Home address and work address
Indemnifier name, email, number, home/work address
For Passengers
Home address and work address
Indemnifier name, email, number, home/work address
Any National ID

Why do these details need to be verified?

Driver's License
As a driver, your passengers need to be sure that you have been cleared by the state to plough our roads. Owning a drivers license alludes to the fact that you are skilled in driving, understand road safety actions, and will keep you and the people you pick up, safe.
Vehicle Insurance
beyond being a good driver, you want to assure the people you pick up that your car is in good condition, road worthy and fit to transport you and your passengers safely. It is also necessary to have vehicle insurance in case of any mishaps, so that you do not bear the costs of repair or damage, yourself.
National ID
We would like to prevent people from creating fake personalities or defrauding each other on our platform. Verification of any national ID (Voters ID, NHIS, SSNIT, Passport, etc.) shows and assures others that you are a real individual that can be held accountable. This assuredness builds trust within our community.
Home Address and Work Address
As an added measure of support, we would need to ensure that you have home and work address, for assuredness and accountability. We understand these can change from time to time, however verifying these add to the narrative of you being a safe and grounded user.
As proof of the details you are entering, you need someone to vouch for you. Your indemnifier also plays the dual role of protecting you or assisting you by compensating for any loss or damage.

Are my details safe with you?

We will not share the data we receive from you with the public. Raba Rides, as a legal entity, is bound by The Data Protection Act, 2012 (Act 843) of The Republic of Ghana which requires us to protect your data. The only information that will appear publicly on your profile are your name, phone number, profile picture and social media accounts (Facebook and LinkedIn). Even your email stays safe with us. All the details and data we receive from you will only be used for verification purposes and we will not share or display this data without your consent. Our site has a signed SSL certificate (https) that makes it secure, so all the data shared on our platform is end-to-end encrypted.

What do I gain/lose when I verify/don’t verify my details?

Beyond the basic benefit of safety, drivers/car-owners and passengers who fully go through the verification processes will have verification badges attached to their accounts on our platform. Verified accounts will be prioritised over non-verified accounts in creating and gaining rides, as well as in any other beneficial initiatives we introduce via the platform e.g. rewards programs, referral programs, promo codes, new feature roll-outs, etc.

How do I start?

To start with your verification process, log into your Raba Rides account, visit your profile, and update the sections requiring information. To find out more about our Trust & Safety initiative, please see our "Trust & Safety" page, or "Frequently Asked Questions" page, and our "Terms & Conditions" page. Feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or comments you have, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can also call us and a representative will speak to you.